Homes Should Be Cleaned Regularly To Prevent Illnesses

In this day and age, it can be difficult to find a steady work-life balance and find the time to get the cleaning done. But this can be bad for anyone who sufferers from asthma that lives in your home and it could cause asthma attacks to occur. Asthma is worsened by irritants such as dust and allergens that float about and if the home is not cleaned regularly then these can pile up and irritate those suffering from asthma. Dust also contains mites called ‘dust mites’ and their dropping is also an irritant if you have asthma so it is vital that your home is kept spic and span to prevent asthma attacks from happening. Continue reading

Different flat roofing materials

Flat roofs can be problematic as they are horizontal and can allow water to stand which is fine, if they do not leak. Traditionally, the construction of a flat roof was tar and gravel with a slight gradient to allow water to drain off. However, this method can fail in cold climates due to ice build up at the point of drainage, water can pool on the flat roof, allowing penetration and causing a leakage into the room below. Flat roofs are often the favoured method of roofing an extension where a pitched roof may not fit the profile of the property. Continue reading

Why Do Boilers Need Servicing And What Does It Involve?

If a boiler is not working as it should then it could mean that you are living in a dangerous environment and are putting others in the building in danger too. Gas leaks can be very dangerous and a single spark could have the property up in flames in minutes and there are other dangers too such as poisoning from deadly gases, so it’s best to ensure that you get your boiler serviced annually to ensure that it is safe and efficient. If you ever smell gas or notice that everybody in your property is getting severe headaches on a regular basis, call in the plumbers as it could be a small gas leak. So, what exactly is a boiler service and what should you expect from your local plumbers? Continue reading