Why choose a Brabantia ironing board?

If you’re looking for an ironing board, generally you’ll be on the lookout for a product which is sturdy, reliable and made to last. These are all qualities which you’ll find the Brabantia brand stands for and indeed the slogan ‘Brabantia – a solid company’ fits in with this thinking.

Many of Brabantia’s ironing boards are adjustable which means they can be used for either right or left handed use – ideal for a wide range of customers. Meanwhile its steam iron table comes with a steam iron rest, so that every time you iron, you are placing it securely back into a proper resting place with no risk of falling.

Steam ironing using a steam unit is becoming a popular choice because it provides better results when it comes to ironing clothes.  However, increased steam can create condensation problems, which can leak from the ironing table and onto the floor.  Brabantia are aware of this problem and have created a special steam-control ironing table, so condensed steam can be collected and removed easily.

Meanwhile the wide range of Brabantia ironing boards ensures there’s a style and colour frame to choose from to suit everyone’s tastes.  So whether you like a plain ironing board in a simple colour such as ivory, or a grey swirl cover, Brabantia ironing boards offer a number of choices when it comes to ironing covers which are designed to fit into the style of your home.

Many of the Brabantia ironing boards also come with a heat-resistant iron parking zone, designed to ensure there’s no brown marks on your ironing surface after you’ve finished. This is perfect if you do a lot of ironing as over time, brown marks will start to appear on the ironing cover if you’re not careful. Brabantia ironing boards have been designed so as to protect the appearance of the ironing cover.

The dimensions of Brabantia ironing boards can vary but using one example, a Brabantia ironing board measures 380mm wide by 80mm deep and 1240mm in height.  These kind of dimensions mean that its suitable to do your ironing sitting down, thanks to its sturdy asymmetric frame.

Brabantia offer an extra stable and wide worktop for comfortable ironing, which means you won’t struggle to fit a few items of clothing on the board, ready for ironing. This provides plenty of space to have a multitude of clothes on the ironing board, which makes it ideal if you have a lot of ironing.

Other features that make Brabantia ironing boards stand out against its competitors include a child lock, which protects the ironing board from accidentally collapsing and a transport lock, which helps to keep it folded ready for storage.  Complete with a 10 year guarantee, you can feel ensured that your Brabantia ironing board will last for a long time.

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