Why Do Boilers Need Servicing And What Does It Involve?

If a boiler is not working as it should then it could mean that you are living in a dangerous environment and are putting others in the building in danger too. Gas leaks can be very dangerous and a single spark could have the property up in flames in minutes and there are other dangers too such as poisoning from deadly gases, so it’s best to ensure that you get your boiler serviced annually to ensure that it is safe and efficient. If you ever smell gas or notice that everybody in your property is getting severe headaches on a regular basis, call in the plumbers as it could be a small gas leak. So, what exactly is a boiler service and what should you expect from your local plumbers?

All machinery and many appliances need ‘servicing’ regularly to keep an eye on them and make sure that they remain safe for use. A boiler service also helps to make sure that the appliance is working efficiently which would in turn mean that your central heating system would also be working efficiently too and this could save you hundreds on utility costs over the course of a year. One thing that you need to be sure of is that the plumbers or engineers who carry out your boiler servicing or boiler repairs are Gas Safe registered. Gas Safe registered plumbers are registered to work safely and legally on gas appliances found in the home and the workplace. Using someone who is not on the register could mean that any work carried out is unsafe and could lead to further problems.

So what should the gas plumbers be doing when they service your boiler? Well, the first thing they should do is to take a look at the boiler to see if there are any problems that are obvious to the eye. The next thing that they will need to do is to fire the boiler up to make sure that it works correctly and that there are no faults with firing it. If there are any boiler repairs needed then these tests will show them up and allow the plumber to mend them. The next step will be to remove the front panel of the appliance and the engineer will then check all of the parts of the boiler to see if there are any issues inside. Once this has been completed a ‘gas leak’ check will be undertaken to ensure that there are no gases escaping from it. This is one of the most important parts of the boiler servicing.

The next thing that your plumber should do is thoroughly clean the appliance to ensure that any scale and dust is removed. This will help to make the boiler work more efficiently and thus your central heating system should also be more efficient. The front panel of the boiler should then be put back on and the engineer or plumber will then do a final check to ensure that it is properly in place. This will ensure that the unit is secure and safe for use. Your plumbing company should then send you a report which will confirm any issues that were found during the service and to confirm that the boiler has been serviced.

Remember, it really isn’t worth the risk of not having your boiler serviced every year and it could assist you in preventing a boiler breakdown in the colder months of the year when you really need it to keep your central heating system working! Your plumbers will often also give you advice on boiler safety and maintenance to help you keep your boiler in a good state of repair. It might be worth your while getting your servicing done during summer when the plumbers aren’t as busy.

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