Local Plumbers in Leeds and Sheffield

It's always a good idea to keep hold of the number of a good local plumber. Finding one is hard enough, so when you come across someone who turns up on time, leaves your house clean and tidy and doesn't charge you the earth, you should really keep their telephone number in a safe place.

Sadly, the plumbing industry has gained itself a bit of a poor reputation over the years. No one's really sure why this is so, but the TV always seems to have some program showing a horror story where frail old Mrs Smith called her local ‘expert’ after seeing his advert in the local paper. He subsequently comes round and does a bad job, leaving the problem worse than it was before, replacing parts that don't need to be replaced and charges poor Mrs Smith a fortune for what turns out to be a 10 minute job.

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In defence, it has to be said that these days, that 'poor quality’ plumbers are harder to find. Laws have been brought in to stop people fiddling with Gas without being certified to do so and the industry seems to have tidied up its act a lot. Choosing a plumbing contractor now is easier than it used to be.

The best way to find a local plumber is to start with a Google search. Selecting one of the companies who business appears in the natural listings means that you're more likely to be choosing someone who is long established – and you don't get to be long if you're no good.

If your plumber doesn't charge you a call out fee for coming to do the work, all the better. If they are members of the Gas Safe register, even better still. If they offer you a guarantee on the work they do, then you've found the equivalent of plumbing utopia!

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