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Different Online Advertising Methods For Businesses

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With the tight competition on the Internet, small- and large-scale companies need to formulate a feasible and effective marketing plan to achieve all goals and objectives. For this reason, it is important for corporations to take advantage of the numerous promotional techniques available on the Web. To know the different types, read on.


Banners - These are the horizontal or vertical strips of marketing messages, highlighting a company's name and products or services, embedded into a webpage. These advertisements are constructed with the use of GIF, flash, or animated images and graphics, making them quite enticing. If you use this method, you will need to pay the owner of the site that displays your campaign.

Pop-ups - These are generally new Internet windows that display promotional messages with the use of JavaScript or other programmes. However, a lot of users find these marketing widgets to be invasive and annoying, thus blockers have been invented and incorporated to most webpage browsers.

Pay-per-click ads – Online portals that host PPCs typically display marketing campaigns when a keyword search matches that of the advertiser. These are commonly found anywhere on pages of search engine results or content sites. With its susceptibility to fraud, Google and other similar portals have implemented various systems to avoid abuse.

These are just some of the easiest and most effective strategies to help you strengthen your online presence. To help you track the effectiveness of the methods you use so you can pinpoint which ones work and which do not, contact the experts at Media Spy right away!

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