? Methods And Metrics Involved In Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing 101: How To Optimise Your Website

In today's fiercely competitive business environment, it is important to have some form of presence on the web. But with millions of companies fiercely competing for a bit of space and attention online, how can your website be noticed and ultimately boost your sales? And the answer lies in search engine marketing (SEM).

A type of internet marketing, SEM involves promoting your website by increasing your visibility on search results through optimisation and advertising. How do you do this? Here are the methods and metrics that you can use in optimising your site through SEM:

Back-End Tools

Along with HTML validators and web analytic tools, these can provide you information about your site and its visitors, enabling you to measure your site's success. These can also provide you conversion-related data.

Back-end tools come in a range of types, such as those simple traffic counters, log analysis tools (which logs and interpret log files) and sophisticated tools, which derived its information from page tagging. This method of tracking utilises JavaScript or a picture embedded in your website page code for the purpose of tracking visitor activity on every page of your site.

Keyword Research & Analysis

This usually involves three steps: 1) making sure that search engines can indexed your website, 2) determining your site's and products' most relevant and used keywords, and 3) utilising these keywords on your site so that you can generate and convert traffic.


These tools enables you to search for information about the owners of a particular site, domain, or IP address in the web, giving you valuable data relating to issues about copyright and trademark.

Website Saturation & Popularity

This will enable you to measure how visible your website is on search engines and determine how many of your site's pages are indexed on search engines (saturation) and the number of backlinks your website has (popularity). With this, your pages must have keywords that users are searching for and they must rank sufficiently high in search engines.

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SEM is getting competitive, but you can always outride the competition by having the right information and tools.

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